Where is Nadja Abd el Farrag (58)? In recent years, Dieter Bohlen’s ex (69) has repeatedly caused negative headlines. Above all, money problems and their alcohol addiction were regular topics. TV fame tried again and again to find a regular life. But she didn’t really succeed. Now acquaintances and fans are worried again about the native of Hamburg: Nadia seems to have disappeared without a trace!

On Instagram a friend of the 58-year-old reports with a call. “We want you to get in touch, dear Nadia. No sign of you for months”Daniel writes about the moderator’s account – he takes care of it Nadjas Wish since the beginning of 2022. He says that Nadia have had many negative experiences in the past and have been excluded by their advisors. Together with other friends of the TV star, he took care of holding those responsible accountable. “We are not angry with you and do not judge you, we just want you to contact us, we can do everything else. We are there for you. We will make sure that you get what you are entitled to,” judges he the word Nadia.

Fans of the 58-year-old had been wondering how she was doing for months. For about a year had Nadia no longer reported on her social media account. Then a sign of life on her birthday in early March. But since Daniel is said to have been managing her account for about a year, it was probably not from the moderator herself. As her friend also states in his post, there has been no trace of her for around four months Nadia.

Source: celebtap.com