Lars Pape can stay longer than planned at GZSZ! The actor was actually only planned for a temporary role in the TV series – as Michi Bode he was only supposed to be on the set for two episodes. But even after his brief appearances, he became a crowd favorite. That’s why he was brought on board for three months a short time later and thus became one of the main characters of the show. Until now, its popularity has not flattened. And viewers can look forward to: Lars’ The contract with “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” was extended by two years.

“I was incredibly happy about it and I’m very grateful for it. The broadcaster and the production told me that it has something to do with the fact that my role is so popular with the viewers.”explained the 52-year-old in an interview with PictureHow did this extension come about in the first place? That Lars “Michi is down-to-earth, funny, kind, very sincere, helpful and his heart is in the right place.”

At the beginning should Lars actually only represent Moritz Bode’s father, who is played by Lennart Borchert, and Yvonne Bode’s ex-husband, played by Gisa Zach (48), in two episodes. Shortly thereafter he was asked for two more episodes.