Do you want to get really scared again? Are you a fan of “IT”, “Stuffed Animal Cemetery” and other Stephen King movies? Then the latest “The Boogeyman” might be just what you’re looking for. Here’s the German trailer.

Who would have thought that we could still see this horror film in the cinemas. The Stephen King movie “The Boogeyman” was originally supposed to be released directly on Hulu (in Germany on Disney+), but the comic did so well in test screenings that it’s finally making it to the big screen. Fortunately, because it would be a shame if we only had to fear Rob Savage’s latest film…

… after all, the director made one of the scariest movies ever: His film Host was even named the scariest horror film of all time in a 2021 survey. Whether his latest film deserves such a horror award remains to be seen.

“The Boogeyman” opens in cinemas in Germany on June 1, 2023. If you really want to get a real scare beforehand, you can watch the German trailer here, which we recorded for you above.

And that’s what “The Boogeyman” is about

“The Boogeyman” is based on the short story of the same name from the Stephen King anthology “Night Shift”. This is about Lester Billings, a family man who lost his three children to infant death and is now obsessed with the belief that there is a vicious ogre in his brood’s room who allegedly stole his children.

Director Rob Savage made some changes for the film adaptation, as the film adaptation doesn’t sound nearly as bleak as the short story.

The focus here is on a 16-year-old teenager (Sophie Thatcher) trying to find her way back to life after the tragic death of her mother. But she and her little sister (Vivien Lyra Blair) are haunted by a sadistic presence that won’t leave the girls alone. She doesn’t want to believe her father (Chris Messina) either, but soon he too has to realize that something is wrong in the house…

If you want to watch the trailer again in the original English, you can do so here: