FTN Bae has quickly become a sensation in the music industry since she first uploaded her music video CurlyyRed Only Up From Here to her YouTube channel in September 2018.

Within three years of starting her channel, she already has almost 11,000 subscribers and several hit songs. Her song FTN Bae For The Streets came out in May 2021 and has over 268,000 views.

Another successful single followed it closely, Never Be Friends, with over 100,000 views. Since then, Bae has consistently released several songs such as Flexin, On Sight, Please Don’t Go and more.

Each song led to further success and she received recognition from all over the world for her talents in singing, dancing and social media presence.

OTF Doodie Lo wins the case

In the wake of all the public drama, OTF Doodie Lo filed an $11 million defamation lawsuit against FTN Bae, and according to recent reports, it has now been revealed that he has won his case.

Not only was he deemed innocent and able to clear his name, but it has also been reported that FTN Bae has been charged with perjury.

Many would consider it a much-anticipated win for an artist who suffered massive damage to his reputation and career prospects as a result of these false accusations from her ex-girlfriend.

FTN Bae tried to prove her innocence by taking a lie detector test and believed the results gave her a ‘victory’. She then shared her thoughts on the situation regarding her son’s alleged sexual assault on Instagram.

Doodie Lo, on the other hand, addressed this issue when interviewed by Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee and declared his innocence of any wrongdoing. It is clear that both individuals have different strategies regarding this ongoing case.

Singer arrested and charged with stalking Doodie Lo

The turbulent situation between Doodie Lo and his ex-girlfriend Britney Elder, who is called FTN Bae on Instagram, has taken another dramatic turn.

According to The Shade Room report on Feb. 25, Elder was arrested for stalking and harassing Doodie Lo, the man she says sodomized her 5-year-old son.

The report says Elder violated a restraining order in effect, and court documents indicate she was charged with aggravated stalking following a protection order and aggravated stalking dating violence.

The report also included a letter to Ariel E. Mitchell, Elder’s attorney, refuting Elder’s claims that the polygraph test used to clear Doodie Lo was somehow inaccurate.

The letter states that both Elder and Doodie Lo paid appropriate fees for their assessments and that the results were based on physiological data and not any promise or compensation.

The letter further suggests that Elder may be suffering from a “delusional obsession,” that is probably why the restraining order was put in place.