It was a shock for her! On Friday, the Let’s Dance moderators Daniel Hartwich (44) and Victoria Swarovski (29) announced a surprise for the candidates: in the next show, the dancing couples will be split up and thrown together again. The fans of the show are divided on what they think of the innovation. But Sharon Battiste (31) is sure – she doesn’t want to dance with anyone other than Christian Polanc (44)!

“I’m very happy and grateful that we can keep dancing, but it’s hard to say goodbye”she explained while crying RTL-Interview. She finds the announced exchange “shit”. “Because you walk the path together and I just don’t want to swap,” she made clear while Christian wiped the tears from her face. She hopes she dances as well in the upcoming show so they can dance together again. Also Christian the change is difficult: “It’s a tough one, because it’s not as spontaneous as it was with us. It’s heavy.”

He was referring to the injury he sustained earlier this month. Christian had a painful sore foot. Because of Christians Alexandru Ionel (28) jumped in spontaneously.