Nina Bott (45) is unusually revealing on the internet. The former GZSZ actress is the proud mother of four children. The actress also lets her fans participate in her family life by posting updates on social media from time to time – but she also likes to post other creative things like recipes or DIY instructions. Now she showed herself from a slightly different side: Nina was now filmed stark naked in the shower!

In your Instagram-Story, the blonde shared a video where she is completely naked. In the clip, she gets into a tub so that her rear view is full – she also shows her behind. Then covered Nina the camera with her hand. She left it open what the 45-year-old wanted to express with the short clip.

Generally seems Nina but having no problem showing off her body – the mother of four has appeared on the cover of the erotic magazine Playboy several times. The influencer had dropped the covers for the magazine.