Gabriel Jesus Height, Weight, Body Stats, Family, Biography, Other Facts

Gabriel Jesus Height, Weight, Body Stats, Family, Biography, Other Facts

Gabriel Jesus is a professional soccer player who, although not one of the oldest in the business, has already made a big name for himself. He plays as a striker in the English Premier League (EPL) for Machester City FC and for the Brazilian national team. He is already one of the top 11 in the country and the club and has been invited to play at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. You can find out all about him here.

Gabriel Jesus Biography

The young striker was born on April 3, 1997, as Gabriel Fernando de Jesus in the Brazilian church of São Paulo. While he was growing up like many other children who loved football in his area, he started playing in the streets.

Although he started his football career as a midfielder, he developed into an attacker who took advantage of his speed and creativity.

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In addition to playing on the street, he also played on the field of a military prison before being picked up by a grassland football club, Anhanguera, looking for young talent. From there he climbed the ladder of success as a footballer.

Gabriel Jesus Height, Weight, Body Stats, Family, Biography, Other Facts
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Football Career – Club

At the age of 13, he joined his first youth club, Anhanguera. He remained loyal to the club for 2 years before joining the Palmeiras Youth Club in 2013.

In 2015 he was given the opportunity to play for the club’s senior national team. When he left the club for England in 2017, the star had already scored 16 goals from 47 matches.

Gabriel Jesus signed to play in the 2017 EPL for Manchester City, and when he moved he came with his mother and a few others close to him, regretting that he would have liked to come with his whole neighborhood, but it was not possible.

On 21 January 2017, the young man, who received the tip from Ronaldo de Lima on future successes with his national team, made his debut in a £27 million shop. At the end of the 2017/2018 season with Manchester City, Jesus had 39 international matches and 20 goals. In the last game of the season, he scored a goal that helped the team improve their record by 100 points.

So far, Jesus has won both the Premier League title and the EFL title with the club, both in 2018.

Gabriel Jesus Family

Gabriel Jesus was raised by his mother together with his 3 other brothers and sisters in a family that was poor but still managed to be very united. To support her children, Vera Lucia Diniz de Jesus, who is his mother, sometimes worked 3 jobs at the same time. This was because his father left the family when the children were very young, with Gabriel as the youngest.

Gabriel Jesus Height, Weight, Body Stats, Family, Biography, Other Facts
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For him, she is the best person in his life because as soon as he had the opportunity to move to England, he knew he would take her with him.

He has a brother called Filipe, and another brother and sister.

National Football Career

Gabriel Jesus first wore the Brazilian jersey in 2015 when he was invited to play for the U-20 team. After playing 10 games, he was able to score a goal in 2 games. In the same year, he was called to wear the jersey of the U-23 national team of the country where he has already played 11 games and scored 5 goals.

He wore his first cap for the senior national team in 2016, scoring two goals in his first game, which served to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the Brazilian team beat Ecuador 3-0 in an away game.

At the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), he scored 7 goals in 10 matches, putting him in the same league as Lionel Messi.

At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, Gabriel Jesus was again invited to wear the national colors of the country. He helped the team to win the gold medal after defeating Germany in the final after a penalty shoot-out.

By the time he was invited to Russia’s biggest football event, he already had fifteen games and nine goals in his account.

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Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Gabriel Jesus is not one of the best-built football players out there, but he has a good pace and the creativity that almost always makes him an attacker. He has a rather slim body and is of average height.

Jesus has a height of 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) and a weight of 73 kg. His total body statistics are not yet known, as they have not yet been officially published.

Other Facts

  • Even though he brought his mother, Vera Lucia Diniz de Jesus, to live with him, she still makes the rules in the house.
  • Gabriel has tattoos of his mother, whom he called his warrior.
  • By the time he played for Palmeiras, the Brazilian club had not won the title since 1994, but with his help, the club revived it and Gabriel Jesus was named player of the season and the club’s top scorer.
  • Before he was signed by Manchester City, many other clubs wanted him, but his manager convinced him to be patient and wait.

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