Gabriel Kuhn Crime Scene Photos: Murder Of Gabriel Kuhn
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Photos of the Gabriel Kuhn crime scene are available on Google. After the murder, the user wanted to know the identity of Gabriel Kuhn. How did he die? Is his killer still alive?

This article is all about Gabriel Kuhn’s crime scene photos and the story of his death. Please read the article to learn about his death and to find out where his killer is.

How Did Gabriel Kuhn Die? The Case Story

Gabriel Kuhn was a 12-year-old boy who was killed by his 16-year-old friend Daniel Petrie. Daniel Petry met Gabriel and they started seeing each other often.

The two became good friends and once Gabriel asked Daniel to lend him 20 000 Tibia in online virtual currency. Many children at the time had invested a large part of their money in this game known as Tibia.

A few days later, Daniel asked him to return the money, but Gabriel did not answer. Cohen blocked him on social networks so that Daniel could not contact him.

Gabriel Kuhn Crime Scene Photos: Murder Of Gabriel Kuhn
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On 23 July 2007, Daniel visited Gabriel’s house and knocked on his door.

When Gabriel asked him to come in, he immediately went inside and locked the door. He attacked Kuhn and began to beat him.

Daniel tortured him continuously and he fell unconscious. Then Daniel tore his clothes and tortured him until Gabriel was helpless.

Gabriel tried to resist while being chased, but Daniel pulled out the console cord and choked him.

Daniel then thought of hiding the body in the doorway of the hallway stairwell, so he went to get a knife and a saw to lighten his weight. He started cutting his right leg and lifted the saw to cut the body in half.

Gabriel’s body was later found by the police and Daniel did not flee the scene. Daniel was arrested soon after and told the police that he had killed Daniel and did not feel guilty about it.

Who Was Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel was a 12-year-old boy who Daniel Petry killed. According to power sources, there is not much information about Gabriel, but it is known that he tried to beat Daniel Petry.

He ignored Daniel Petrie when he asked him to give him money. But Gabriel had invested all of Daniel’s money to upgrade his computer for a game called Tibia.

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Gabriel Case Crime Scene Pictures

According to crime scene photos shared by the police, Gabriel Kuhn was brutally tortured by Daniel Petry. According to the police, Gabriel’s right leg was severed from his body and several parts of his body were dismembered.

Based on the report made public by forensic experts, Gabriel was abused and molested by Daniel. However, during the investigation, Daniel denied having abused or harassed Gabriel.

He later admitted that he had molested him and also taunted him while he was not dressed.

However, in 2007 he was referred to the Juvenile Delinquency Centre. He served a three-year socio-educational sentence and was later released.

To this day, he has not been seen anywhere in the world. He has no social media account and remains absent after his release.