Georgina Fleur (32) allowed herself some fun today! In 2021, the reality TV star became a mother for the first time – her daughter’s name is still a secret. Today she suddenly surprised her fans by announcing the name. As Sam Dylan (32) had previously claimed, her daughter’s name is said to be Violetta. A few hours later she also shared photos of her ex Kubilay Özdemir. Since there was actually an icy war between the former couple, their fans already suspected it was a joke. Now confess Georgina their April Fools!

“I own the award for the most tasteless April Fool’s joke of the day”the former jungle camp candidate announces in her Instagram-Story. There she apologizes for having her fans excited and makes it clear: “We are not with Kubilay been on the way […] Of course he’s not the best dad in the world.” Her daughter’s name is not Violetta and remains secret.

Georgina is actually not a big fan of April Fools’ Day jokes, but fell for so many that she thought: “Come on, I’ll really knock one out!” On social media, some of their followers had already suspected that TV fame was joking. But not all of her fans thought that was funny: “No April Fool’s joke can be that tasteless” or even “Unfollowed!” commented two users.