It gets even more tragic! Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, 29, is starring in a Netflix series about her life. The second season of “I am Georgina” is just starting, which reveals even more details about the famous family. A year ago, the couple had to cope with a heavy loss: one of their twin babies died shortly after birth. Now revealed Georginathat before this tragic event she had already suffered three miscarriages!

The Spaniard bursts into tears as she opens up about the loss of her baby on the show for the first time and relives the moment she lost one of her twins during childbirth. With the information from El Espanolthat she already had three pregnancies before the death of little Angel, her deep grief takes on a whole new meaning. After the exclusive broadcast of the episode Georgina comment in more detail.

The surviving daughter Bella Esmeralda is happy and cheerful. “Every time I bella I’m like, ‘Would Angel be like that?'”, the player’s wife admits. “The truth is I feel like I’m not ready to think about it, like I haven’t accepted it yet,” she continues. bella have managed to fill the gap that there is in her life to a certain extent.