Fame also has its downsides. Cristiano Ronaldo (38) and Georgina Rodriguez (29) have two children together. The professional footballer has three other children from previous relationships. Since Cristiano is considered one of the best footballers around the world, many people know him – which also has an impact on his kids. Now Georgina told that her children are bullied at school.

In the TV show “El Hormiguero” the model spoke about his family and revealed that her kids didn’t have it easy at school: “They are regularly beaten at school and never fight back.” Often they would come home crying. Then Georgina always asked them if they couldn’t fight back: “But the truth is that I never want my children to run around hitting others,” she emphasized.

In the new Netflix documentary “I Am Georgina” Georgina reveals other details about family life. Among other things, she also talks about her twin baby, who died at birth. “More than 40 million people follow me. But nobody really knows how I feel”she admits through tears.

Source: celebtap.com