Because of a post, Gerda Lewis (30) gets quite a few mocking comments! The former bachelorette shares a lot of impressions from her everyday life with her followers on social media: from styling tips to fitness content, everything is actually included. Now the blonde posted a video where she puts on makeup for the gym – that irritated some of Gerdas followers but very much!

in one Instagram-Clip filmed Gerda herself doing her make-up for the gym and even styling her hair. Her fans found the procedure before the workout rather silly. “For the gym… doesn’t have to be”, “Wonder who puts on makeup for the gym. So that everything hangs on the towel?” or “You want to make fun of me. Get ready before doing sports…”, were some critical comments under the post.

Gerda did not put up with that and then defended himself: “FYI, if I want to freshen up for the gym because I’m feeling tired or uncomfortable that day, then I’ll do it. I also don’t care if it’s unfavorable or counterproductive,” she etched back.