Chris Harms has seen a lot in his life. In 2007, the musician founded the rock band Lord of the Lost. Several albums and tours abroad followed – and next Saturday the performance of his life is probably waiting: together with his four fellow musicians, the singer will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. But in his past he also had to take some setbacks: Chris was the victim of a hand grenade attack 23 years ago.

At that time he had worked as a bartender in the Hamburg disco J’s. On April 29, 2000, there was an attack with a hand grenade: Chris was hit by numerous ricochets from the explosive device. “I had 30 grenade bullets in my back and legs, the worst of which were then operated on in the hospital. To date I have about 20 of these small bullets in my body, which have become encapsulated.”he reports Picture. This traumatic experience was the starting signal for him to make “depressive music”.

The assassination had not only health, but also serious psychological consequences for Chris. “I was mentally shattered after the hand grenade attack and tried to compensate with drugs and alcohol”, he says honestly. However, the rocker quickly realized that this was not good for him – and from then on processed his fears in his music.