After the end of the novel “Peter Pan”, what happens to the title character and who does he meet? The imaginative and romantic adventure “The Lost Girls” tries to answer this question. Here’s the trailer:

“The Lost Girls” is based on Laurie Fox’s novel of the same name, which in turn was inspired by JM Barrie’s childhood classic “Peter Pan”, and is set several generations after the events of that event.

The film will hit theaters in the UK and US in June 2022. In Germany, “The Lost Girls” will be released on March 24, 2023 as Blu-ray, DVD and Video on Demand. The haptic formats can already be pre-ordered from online providers such as Amazon:

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In addition, the novel is printed in English at the same place and is available as a Kindle version:

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That’s what “The Lost Girls” is about

A certain Peter (Louis Partridge) regularly appears in visions to little Wendy (Amelia Minto). In the further course of her life, the curiously magical young man keeps coming back to Wendy (as a teenager: Emily Carey). As she discovers years later, other female relatives, such as her grandmother (Vanessa Redgrave), have been and are visited by Peter.

He’s just asking them to never grow up, please. The now older Wendy (now: Livia De Paolis) continues to follow his advice and, even as a mother, still likes to lose herself in her adventurous fantasies. As a writer, Wendy is not only influenced by beautiful dreams, but also by many more negative memories. After all, many years ago, her mother (Joely Richardson) vanished from her life overnight. So she was raised by her unfortunately much less loving father Clayton (Julian Ovenden)…

This is the cast of “The Lost Girls”

As we follow protagonist Wendy through her life, she is played by three actresses of different ages: newcomer Amelia Minto, ‘House Of The Dragon’ star Emily Carey and Livia De Paolis (‘Mafia Mamma’), who is also responsible for the production and screenplay.

Louis Partridge (“Enola Holmes 1+2”) plays Peter Pan, while Game Of Thrones veteran Iain Glen plays the villainous Captain Hook. Also joining the cast are Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave (“Atonement”), Joely Richardson (“Nip/Tuck”), Season 1’s Julian Ovenden and Siobhan Hewlett (“Redemption”).

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