Giulia Siegel (48) made an additional rule with her smoking club! The DJane can currently be seen on the show Kampf der Realitystars. She has a lot of experience with reality TV, having taken part in a number of formats such as The Stars’ Summer Home, Temptation Island VIP and Celebs Under the Palm Trees. In 2009 she ventured into the jungle camp, but stopped participating early due to back pain. Nevertheless, she was able to leave a lasting impression: Because of Julia were the jungle camp-Contracts supplemented with a new clause!

“Back then, my contract said that everyone got five cigarettes a day. We were five smokers in the jungle, and that’s why I founded a smokers’ club,” she recalls Pictureinterview and explains: “As President, I took all 25 cigarettes and hid them.” Various rules are said to have ensured that the hot goods were always distributed fairly and were available in an emergency. When they wanted to ban her from sharing cigarette butts, she left Julia did not like that and was able to enforce the continued existence of the club. However, this led to a new contractual clause from the following year: “Since then, you can no longer share your cigarettes with others or light one for someone else.”

In “Battle of the Reality Stars” there was already trouble between the blonde and her comrade-in-arms Evanthia Benetatou (31). When the candidates debated who among them was the biggest liar, Eva quickly made up her mind Julia. But he didn’t seem to like it at all, which is why she challenged TV fame.