Nina Kablitz is on cloud nine! In the past few weeks, the young model has competed to win the casting show Germany’s next top model, but in the current episode the 22-year-old couldn’t get a photo and had to pack her bags. Nevertheless, Nina has one reason to be happy, because her boyfriend asked for her hand in December! Across from celebrity flash Nina chatted openly about this magical moment.

At Christmas, the two lovebirds came home after a walk. Nina initially had to wait in the dressing room: “Then he brought me into the living room and of course I was totally shaky and stuttering. He had a real lump in his throat.” Surprised by the situation, it took Nina a moment to be able to answer. She happily reported: “It was at home in our familiar surroundings, but it was still incredibly beautiful.”

The model also chatted about the wedding plans: “We’re living through the engagement period for now and we wanted to see what’s going to happen now through GNTM. How that will work with modeling as your main job.” As soon as this foundation stone has been laid, the couple wants to start preparing and planning the big day.