This is what Pelé’s (✝82) final resting place looks like. The former professional athlete recently fought cancer and eventually even had to be taken to the hospital. There he lost a battle with the disease in December 2022 at the age of 82. Pele can look back on an impressive career. He won the World Cup three times with the Brazilian national team: in 1958, 1962 and 1970. Now he was laid in his final resting place.

The shrine, located in the world’s tallest cemetery in Santos, Brazil, features a golden coffin, grass on the floor, and life-size statues at the entrance to the room. There is a painting of the sky hanging from the ceiling and pictures of thousands of cheering fans on the walls. Overall, the monument occupies an area of ​​about 180 square meters. The fans can also pay their last respects to their idol – however, only 60 visitors per day are currently allowed.

Pelé left a total of seven children and numerous grandchildren. The Brazilian was married three times. From the first marriage to Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi three children emerged. Got after breaking up a few years later Pele two more, but illegitimate, children. Married in the 90s Pele his second wife Assiria Lemos Seixas, with whom he eventually had twins.