The influencer probably didn’t expect these words! In the case of Prominent Separate, things went pretty well in the first few episodes. And it also happens in episode five. The male candidates Gustav and Marc-Robin sat down to chat about the ladies in the villa of the exes. They behaved anything but gentlemanly. During the uncomfortable sex talk, they also spoke disparagingly about the women. Contestant Mrs.Marlisa is quite disappointed by these scenes!

She didn’t hear anything about the conversations during the filming – but during the broadcast she saw that her ex-affair in particular had found unpleasant words for her. “How Marc Robin said ‘Marlisa, no, not again’. But I was good enough for sex for months when we were dating. To suddenly say that now is so ridiculous. I think you saw the character of both of them through this conversation.”stressed Marlisa celebrity flash.

Bachelor in Paradise star Gustav also found an inappropriate comparison for women. “Gustav did himself absolutely no favors with the saying ‘All cats look alike at night’ and personally disappointed me badly.”, Marlisa explained. She demands an apology from her TV buddy. What he and Marc Robin have said is misogynistic.