Paris Hilton (42) and Carter Reum are totally infatuated with their son! In mid-January, the It girl and her partner announced that they had a baby. The reality TV actress and entrepreneur gave their son the name Phoenix Barron. Paris recently showed her little pant for the first time. Also her husband Carter is totally overwhelmed by his new role as dad. Now the author told of a particularly emotional moment.

In the “I Am Paris”podcast his wife spoke Carter about how much the baby changed the couple’s life and how priorities have shifted as a result. When the 42-year-old recently looked into Phoenix’s eyes, he was totally blown away. “I got goosebumps because that’s the eyes of Paris are”, the father enthused. In fact, the little boy looks a lot like his mom, confirmed Paris.

“I hope he looks like you. He has the same mind as both of us, is tall like dad, funny like dad and can dance like mom. What do you think of this combination?”joked Carter then in conversation with his wife. “I’m just so in love with him. I look him in the eyes and he’s so innocent and I just want to protect him from everything.” Paris touching words for her offspring.