He couldn’t hold back his tears! The German pop musician Hartmut Engler (61) became known with his band “PUR”. After many years, the five men of the cult band returned and performed their music in front of 16,000 fans. Frontman Hartmut seemed to enjoy his return to the big stage, because he kept looking at the crowd in disbelief and beaming all over his face. But with one song, the singer cried.

While a snapshot of his deceased mother could be seen in the background of the stage, Hartmut sang the song “If she hears this tango”. A very special song that the 61-year-old composed for his mother. The fans seemed visibly touched and cheered the singer enthusiastically. Hartmut couldn’t hold back his feelings and tears rolled down his cheeks. “I can’t shake this naive thought that she’s sitting up there listening now,” he admitted.

Hartmut recently made a fan quite happy: Let’s Dance candidate Timon Krause (28). Because the singer greeted Timon without further ado and wished him every success in the dance show. “I think it’s great that you like our music so much”, he told him. The 28-year-old was very happy and could hardly believe his luck.

Source: celebtap.com