What a twist! Tonight the long-awaited finale of this year’s bachelor’s season ran on television. From the original 23 candidates, the finalists Angelina Utzeri and Lisa Mieschke remained. The Rosenkavalier finally handed over the last rose angelina! Heartbroken, her competitor stayed behind – didn’t she? David and Lisa are now a couple!

When they meet again after the final, David and angelina known that things didn’t work out between them after all. “No, we’re not a couple. […] We felt real feelings, experienced a lot of exciting things together and then come into reality and were able to do that […] just don’t continue in reality,” David admits openly. But the influencer is still not single: “I never got over Lisa to let go like this. It’s been so many days and I’m still thinking about her.” For this reason, David tried to contact the runner-up again – with success. The Bachelor and Lisa are now a couple!

At the show’s big reunion had Lisa previously told how emotional it was for her to be rebuffed by the bachelor in the final and to have to watch it again later on the screen. “I really had to be careful. It all came so high. That was the worst-case scenario and it was really, really hard for me.”said the beauty.

Source: celebtap.com