Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (39) and Joko Winterscheidt (44) gave their all again. Tonight the two moderators once again competed against their employer ProSieben to earn 15 minutes of broadcasting time. The TV stars had lost the last show miserably. In the third episode of the sixth season, they had to prove their talent again in a number of challenges. Was it enough to win?

In the fourth episode of the sixth season, the presenter duo loses to their employer. Things started for the two even before the show really started: they were locked out on the roof and had to be in the studio within an hour of the start of the show. Klaas made the descent – Joko failed because of his fear of heights. In the second game they could Joko and Klaas however, convince again, also in the third, in which they competed against Simon Gosejohann (47) and Evil Jared. In “400” ate Joko among other things, 80 grams of mustard at once – and it was worth it: Here, too, the two were able to gain an advantage.

Won the last game Joko and Klaas also. Going into the Kentucky Screams Flip finals with five advantages, the duo had to throw objects with a spin that had to land back in their original state. The two ultimately failed with the last item, a water bottle. With this it is clear: The two will face their employer’s punishment. Have to for a week Joko and Klaas every evening the weather in the ProSieben Presenting Newstime – are they both looking forward to it?

Source: celebtap.com