Do you like the visually stunning, wonderfully playful, fantastically morbid works of Guillermo del Toro, Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam? Then watch the trailer of the imaginatively made and told horror fairy tale “Moon Garden” here:

The visually intoxicating “Moon Garden” trailer promises an atmospheric combination of fantasy and horror. There’s a mix of stop-motion effects combined with real film and just a few digital tools that is surprisingly effective for an indie production.

“Moon Garden” has been touring the world of film festivals since the summer of 2022 and has been screened at some of the most important genre events such as FilmQuest in Utah, Fantasmagoria in Bogotá or Grimmfest in Manchester. The plant has already won an impressively long series of awards. Unfortunately, it has not yet been announced when and how we can see the film in this country.

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This is what Moon Garden is all about: Emma (Haven Lee Harris) is a smart and curious girl who loves her parents dearly. That’s why it’s hard for the five-year-old to understand why her mother Sara (Augie Duke) and her father Alex (Brionne Davis) argue so often and so violently. Would it be her fault?

One night, another of these altercations leads to an accident where Emma falls down a flight of stairs, hits her head badly and falls into a coma. While her parents rush her to a hospital, the little girl finds herself in the middle of a dangerous and terrifying dream world.

Her imagination combines nightmares with reality, which she doesn’t always fully understand, to create a dystopian atmosphere. This is also fueled by memories of stories her father read to her and songs her mother sang to her. Guided by Sara’s voice, sitting at her bedside, and pursued by a terrifying monster, Emma must try to find her way back to consciousness.

These are the cast and creators of “Moon Garden”

Moon Garden is Ryan Stevens Harris’ second feature film director, following his debut with the low-budget horror Virus X (2010). The American works full-time as an editor and sound designer. For example, he worked for Roland Emmerich on his last major productions “Midway” and “Moonfall”. Harris also wrote the screenplay for Moon Garden.

Following a few short films, this is the first full-length performance by the young Haven Lee Harris, who has received almost universal acclaim from press reviews and festival audiences. The young protagonist’s parents are played by Augie Duke (Spring, Mayans MC) and Brionne Davis. Davis has had his most notable roles as a guest star on TV shows such as Castle Rock, Narcos: Mexico, and Ray Donovan.

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