She brandished the wrecking ball! Singer Miley Cyrus (30) became known around the world in her teenage years with her role as Hannah Montana. As her career progressed, the beauty often made scandalous headlines. In 2013 in particular, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus (61) caused quite a stir when she danced her way through her #1 hit “We Can’t Stop” and stripped for the video for “Wrecking Ball.” Now revealed Mileythat she regrets her “Wrecking Ball” image at the time!

“I’ve carried guilt and shame for years for causing so much controversy and excitement. Now that I’m an adult, I know how harshly I was judged.”explains the musician in an interview with the British Vogue. Miley reflects that she got the attention of her audience because she wanted to differentiate herself from her teenage figure at the time.

After all, Miley’s lifestyle today couldn’t be further from her old partying ways. The ‘Party in the USA’ hitmaker has shunned the spotlight since releasing her new album Endless Summer Vacation in March. “Singing in front of hundreds of thousands of people isn’t really what I love. There’s no connection – when you’re in front of 100,000 people, you’re alone.”admits the former Disney star.