Now Gwyneth Paltrow (50) defends her eating habits. The actress is very careful about what she eats. In addition to coffee and vegetables, she also has bone broth almost every day. The Iron Man actress’ meager diet has horrified the web. Many of her fans are shocked by Gwyneth and vent their anger about it. Now the 50-year-old takes a stand for the first time and defends her radical diet plan.

“I’ve been working on focusing on foods that aren’t flammable and it’s working really well,” the Goop founder said on Friday Instagram-Story with. She explained that she is suffering from the effects of her Covid illness, which has caused her to have “a very high level of inflammation”. That’s why the ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actress has opted for anti-inflammatory foods like cooked veggies, protein and healthy carbs. “That’s just what worked for me”added her.

The blonde also noted that she doesn’t eat these foods “all day, every day” and that she eats “far more” than just bone broth and veggies. “I eat whole meals. I also have days where I eat whatever I want, fries or whatever. I try to eat healthy and eat foods that really calm the system down,” explained Gwyneth further.