Gwyneth Paltrow’s (50) family is behind her. The actress is in court for the second time because of a skiing accident. A man named Terry Sanderson complains that she drove into him and committed a hit-and-run. The ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actress claims she was hit by a car herself. Even in the first lawsuit that Terry initiated against her in 2019, she had suspected that she had only been accused of her wealth and fame. Also her children Apple Blythe Alison (18) and Moses Bruce Paltrow Martin (16) commented on the process. Now their testimonies were read out in court!

Due to time constraints, the statements of the two teenagers were read out on behalf of their mother’s lawyers, reports say Page Six. “I remember skiing with my ski instructor and briefly saw the collision”said Moses out of. Then should Gwyneth yelled at the man, including “What the hell are you doing? You bumped into me!” have said.

Apple did not see the accident myself, but described her memories of the day of the incident in her statement. There was some commotion, but then she waited in the hut as she was already further down the slope. “I asked what happened and she said, ‘That asshole drove into me. He hit me right in the back!'”Gwyneth’s daughter recalled.