The process is intensifying! Gwyneth Paltrow (50) allegedly hit and injured a man named Terry Sanderson on a Deer Valley ski slope in Utah in early 2016. The Iron Man actress was sued by the latter for damages and is currently in the middle of a legal battle. The actress, on the other hand, claimed that he drove into her. Now, a medical expert from Terry’s legal team Gwyneth’s Accident report possible!

How The Evening Standard reports that radiologist Dr. Wendell Gibby pointed out that Terry’s injury could only have been the fault of the 50-year-old: “I don’t think it’s plausible that he would have broken his ribs on the side of his chest if he drove into her – he would probably have stretched out his arms and protected himself. Had he been the one hitting her, I don’t think he would have sustained those kinds of injuries.”

According to neuropsychologist Dr. Sam Goldstein, who also testified, said there was “an acute negative change in his behavior and emotional functioning” after the incident BBC reported. However, the Oscar winner’s lawyers attribute this to his previous illnesses, such as vision and hearing loss as a result of a stroke and a brain disorder.