The German actress and musician Iris Mareike Steen (31) had to cope with a serious blow of fate in her private life in October 2022. The mother of the Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten actress died in her early 60s after a long battle with a serious illness. Now the “Haltlos” singer spoke totally openly about this difficult time in an interview: Iris couldn’t say goodbye to her beloved mother.

Across from Colorful called himself iris now remembering the difficult time – and she also reported that shortly before her death she had not been able to say goodbye to her mother. “Unfortunately I couldn’t be with her. I visited her for the last time in Hamburg a week before her death.”said the actress, adding: “After all: I told her everything that was important to me and the last message she read was from me.”

Also had iris and her mother had regular – and above all very loving – contact. “We always said at the end of every phone call that we loved each other and wrote to each other every evening and every morning.”the musician recalled.