Julian Claßen (30) and Tanja Makarić (26) polarize again with their content! A few months after the dramatic separation from his wife Bibi Claßen (30), the father of two met his current girlfriend. The pretty influencer seems to make the web star pretty happy! Fans are also getting regular glimpses of their luxe couple life — what more bibis loyal followers don’t always like it. for her latest video Julian and Tanya gotten so much hate that they took it offline again!

The deleted one tik tok is still circulating on the internet: “Here Tanya! Can we please talk about Juli’s glow-up?” is one of the titles. The first thing to see are old – and rather unflattering – recordings of Julianwhen he was obviously still with Bibi was together. Then announced Tanya in Kardashian fashion for wanting to give him a makeover. Lots of pretty snapshots of the “new” follow Julianwho has grown more muscles, more beard and new clothes…

“Not that he wasn’t the most beautiful and coolest before, but I think his development is so sick! Awesome guy, this Julian,” the article continues. “And this Tanya It’s not bad either.” In the clip, which is probably not meant to be taken seriously, it comes across as if Tanya itself Julian’s Self-attributing “transformation” – and like he’s a better version of himself now than he was Bibi at that time. Did the couple get a shit storm and therefore delete the video?

Source: celebtap.com