Anthony Mackie is the new Captain America in the MCU. In the new Netflix film We Have A Ghost, however, he is anything but a superhero. He plays a man who moves into a “death house” with his family…

The “death house”, as it is called by a girl in the trailer of “We Have A Ghost”, turns out to be not too bad: someone really died and haunts the walls. But the whole thing is not threatening at all, as Frank (Anthony Mackie), Melanie (Erica Ash) and their children realize after the initial shock.

Even though Geist Ernest (“Stranger Things” star David Harbour) tries very hard to scare the new residents*, he doesn’t really want to succeed – and very quickly the haunted house horror becomes a creepy comedy in which Frank and his family do not fight against the ghost at all, but against the media hype, that he gives them. Because the videos of the ghost sighting that son Kevin (Jahi Di’Allo) puts on the internet are going viral.

“We Have A Ghost”: ghost fun meets murder mystery

First of all, the attention of the family is still nice. But when more and more weirdos like the fortune teller Judy Romano (Jennifer Coolidge) start interfering in family life and then a government agency comes on the mat, things get awkward. Because something about Ernest’s death needs to be covered up… However, since the ghost can’t talk, Frank’s family must find another way to unravel the mystery.

We have a ghostlooks like fast-paced ghost fun for the whole family, judging by the trailer, and it’s out February 24, 2023 Netflix ready to stream. By the way: You won’t see Anthony Mackie again as Captain America until next year. Captain America 4: New World Order hits theaters May 1, 2024.

Season 5 of “Formula 1”

If you’re more into fast cars than ghost stories, get more Formula 1 documentaries on Netflix on February 24. In the fifth season of the British series “Formula 1: drive to surviveit’s all about smoking tires, exciting races and lots of money. In the documentary series, fans can not only take a look at the race tracks of the world, but also behind the scenes, where it is often even more exciting than on the asphalt.

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