Can Ezequiel envision any more children? At Bauer is looking for Frau International, the winemaker is currently looking for the love of his life. Just like the lady-in-waiting, Sybille also fights Lisa around the heart of the single man living in Argentina. The candidates get to know their potential new partner better and better – and also talk about private wishes and goals. Lisa says very specifically that she wants children. Does the single lady scare the father of five Ezequiel with it?

In the current episode of the popular RTLbroadcast, Lisa talks to Ezequiel about her desire to have children and makes it very clear how important it is to her to discuss this with the trained librarian right from the start. “I know you’re young and everything, but you know I already have five,” the 42-year-old replies and clarifies how he thinks about other kids: “I wouldn’t say no, but first you have to develop a strong relationship and know that it’s not easy.”

However, court lady Lisa seems to have anything but deterred the father of five daughters with her desire to have children – after all, Ezequiel decides to send competitor Sybille home and wants to spend even more time with Lisa. “I was very, very happy to be the chosen one to stay longer on the farm”; the hairdresser is happy about the candidate’s decision.