He’s still missing! It’s been five years since the celebrated DJ Avicii (✝28) died. Tim Bergling, his real name, committed suicide on April 20, 2018 while on vacation in Oman. The Swedish musician fought his alcohol and drug addiction for years. Despite his huge popularity in the music industry, the superstar has struggled with fame. Avicii left a lasting footprint in music history and will never be forgotten!

In 2011 succeeded Avicii his worldwide breakthrough with the song “Levels”. Appearances at renowned festivals such as Tomorrowland or the Ultra Music Festival followed. The world was at the feet of the rather introverted DJ. With hits like “Wake Me Up” or “Waiting For Love” he repeatedly took the top of the charts by storm – and also the hearts of his fans. A wax figure was erected in the Madame Tussauds museum in New York to commemorate the producer. Thus, fans will continue to be reminded of the icon of electronic dance music.

Aviciis Mother Anki was particularly affected by the sudden death of her 28-year-old son. “It wasn’t cancer, it wasn’t a heart, it wasn’t an accident. And he was so young.”, she mourned. In an interview with the Swedish magazine vi the actress reported on a difficult situation from her everyday life: she had been in a shop and had a song by Avicii heard from the speakers. “I had to lean against the counter… No, I was hanging over it to keep from falling on the floor,” she confessed, overcome with emotion.

Source: celebtap.com