Sad news for HealthyMandy and FitnessOskar. The influencers recently had to cope with a terrible loss: their son Rio died a few months after birth. The athletes still wanted to pursue their desire to have children and Mandy had herself artificially inseminated. A few days ago they announced that it worked and that she is pregnant. But now Mandy and Oskar have lost their child again.

On Instagram share the sad loss. “Unfortunately, we lost our embryo. The pregnancy tests were first positive and then suddenly negative. It’s called a biochemical pregnancy.”, explains Oskar in his story. “We are devastated,” he also admits. However, the two are currently in Istanbul to consider another attempt with their doctor.

It was only on Monday that Mandy announced that she had doubts: the two were at her gynecologist’s and had an ultrasound done – but nothing was seen. “Before the doctor did the ultrasound, she said that you might not see anything. That’s how it was and somehow it makes me sad and insecure.”Mandy then admitted.