That was a moment of shock! Sports influencer HealthyMandy recently announced she’s pregnant again. She and her partner FitnessOskar could hardly believe their luck, because a difficult time lies behind them. In December 2022, the two lost their son Rio to an autoimmune disease. After several artificial inseminations, the pregnancy test was finally positive. But now another shock: When the gynecologist visits, there was no baby to be seen.

“The date didn’t go as expected,” Mandy admitted in her Instagram-Story too. She openly said: “Before the doctor did the ultrasound, she said that you might not see anything. That’s how it was and somehow it makes me sad and insecure.” Nevertheless, Mandy also gives the all-clear, because the gynecologist has made it clear that this means nothing.

The network star also speaks openly about his fears. “I’m not a person who thinks negatively about things. I’m quite positive and I want to enjoy the pregnancy.”, she clarified. In addition, she is already looking forward to another milestone: being able to hear the heartbeat of her little miracle.