The shock is still deep! Actor Ray Liotta (✝67) died last May. The “Goodfellas” actor was in the Dominican Republic while filming and was found dead. A few months ago, the film hero was given a great honor and he received a star on the Walk of Fame. However, his loved ones could not process the grief for a long time, because the exact cause of death was still unknown – until now: Therefore parted Ray from life!

How TMZ reported, doctors have now come forward in relation to the actor’s death. They explain that the last 67-year-old died due to lung problems and acute heart failure. In addition, it was found on the corpse of the film actor that his arteries were severely thickened. Ray probably succumbed to his health problems in his sleep.

The Walk of Fame Coordinator said in regards to Rays Ceremony in February: “Ray Liotta’s career propelled him into a true show personality and his death was a great tragedy for the entertainment industry.” Karen Liottathe daughter of the film performer, accepted the star on behalf of her father.