Are Lisa Marie Straube (22) and Furkan Akkaya aka Akka going through life together? The ex-flirt of Mats Hummels (34) and the Too Hot To Handle: Germany participant have been appearing together more often online for a few days. Plus, they’ve already made several hints that they’re a lot more than just friends — maybe even a couple? Now the hints are condensed further: Akka has Lisa’s heart conquered!

In your Instagramstory, the 22-year-old shared a photo showing her with her supposed boyfriend in the elevator. While he snaps the photo, she kisses him lovingly on the head. “Why Akka and not me?” A jealous follower wants to know. But Lisa argued: “I mean, look at us. He also won Polo’s heart and doubled mine.” Polo is her little dog.

previously had Lisa shared a series of pictures where she’s smiling happily for the camera and looking totally happy. “I love you now and a little more tomorrow”, she wrote. However, she did not clarify whether she meant Akka.