“Get The Gringo” is super brutal, doesn’t care about political correctness, and is a lot of fun – at least in the uncut version. RTL 2 shows the action fun on February 17, 2023 from 22:55.

Since 2012, only three Mel Gibson films have received 4 stars or more in the CELEBTAP review: Besides the haunting, Oscar-winning (anti-)war film “Hacksaw Ridge”, in which Gibson took the director’s chair, but without making any representations , the camera kicks and the nihilistic punch to the stomach “Dragged Across Concrete” also has a relatively entertaining tearjerker: “Get The Gringo.”

Still, it didn’t really come as a surprise. After all, the action film, which is as gory as it is funny, was not the first collaboration between protagonist Mel Gibson and director Adrian Grunberg, who received an 18 rating as a well-rehearsed team. Do you want to convince yourself? Then tonight you have the opportunity to: RTL Zwei shows “Get The Gringo” on February 17, 2023 from 22:55. Where: Unfortunately, we can only recommend today’s broadcast to a limited extent.

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“Get The Gringo” is FSK-approved for ages 18 and over and can therefore only be broadcast in full on TV from 11 p.m. RTL ZWEU therefore has extremely bad timing tonight, because if the start had only been scheduled five minutes later, the uncut version could have been shown, which is alternatively available in the stream or on DVD and Blu-ray.

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The innocuous version required the scissors to be applied in numerous scenes, leaving “only” almost a minute and a half missing in total, meaning most of the rabid action sequences are shorter, less brutal, and also less powerful. If you want to experience “Get The Gringo” without compromise, you should use one of the alternatives – or just stay up really late: “Get The Gringo” will be repeated on the night of February 18 from 03:00 on RTL Zwei, probably in the uncut version.

Cheeky, politically incorrect and shamelessly entertaining: this is “Get The Gringo”

Mel Gibson is the criminal Driver, who illegally crosses the border into Mexico during a chase and ends up in jail. The prison, however, is more of a parallel society in which gangsters are in control and in which there seem to be hardly any rules.

Driver has a hard time adjusting to the customs here and soon finds a friend in a ten-year-old (Kevin Hernandez) who knows the prison village very well. The child helps him find his way and not get into unnecessary trouble, but for this he soon has to count on the help of his new gringo friend. Because his mother is in big trouble. Driver decides to help – but first he has to find a way out…

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Adrian Grunberg was not only Gibson’s assistant director for his Mayan action gem Apocalypto, but he also served in that capacity for the thriller Mission Rache, in which Gibson starred. So the two knew each other well when they started on Get The Gringo, knew what they were getting into by working together again – and given the result, it’s a real shame we haven’t seen another Grunberg-Gibson collaboration since then.

While Gibson has mostly rewinded series of direct-to-video actors in recent years and Grunberg continues to work as an assistant director and stage “Rambo: Last Blood,” “Get The Gringo” doesn’t just apply to the author of this lines today, nor for the funnier Hollywood action breaks of the 2010s.

“‘Get The Gringo’ has all it takes to become a cult movie,” the official CELEBTAP review reads, among other things. He hasn’t quite reached this status yet, but what isn’t may still be. In any case, our author Robert Cherkowski makes it clear in his conclusion what makes “Get The Gringo” so good, but also not a movie for everyone: “The film is insanely brutal, politically incorrect and shamelessly entertaining. Just a real Mel Gibson!”

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