Germany’s next top model is making big leaps towards the top ten! In today’s episode, twelve models fought for the coveted title. Ten of them were part of the journey right from the start – however, Maike Nietsch and Nicole Reitbauer, along with four other candidates, only joined the young models eight in a row. In the last week, the fans had to get away from the latecomer Marielena Aponte say goodbye – and also this week one of the followers has to go!

In the current episode, it hit candidate Maike. “I would be incredibly sad if that wasn’t enough now, because I think I was there far too short, also because I was coming later,” she expresses a foreboding before the decision is made. And indeed – Heidi Klum (49) has no photo for the medical student this time. Both at the group music photo shoot and at the walk, she was not able to convince. “I didn’t think you had that strength, that power you want to see”, explains the chief judge. “I had a really, really good time,” Maike takes her exit sporty.

It looked much better for competitor Anna-Maria Fuhrmann: She was from Heidi and was highly praised for her performance by guest judge Thomas Hayo. “We had a lot of great moments. […] What I found so beautiful about you, that smile, that comes across!”, Thomas raves about the photo shoot with her. In the past was Anna Maria repeatedly compared to competitor Maike because of their similar looks.