The Germany’s next top model successors caused some confusion among the fans this year! The reason: The six latecomers Ina, Nicole, Marielena, Meike, Zuzel and Charlene have only now joined the previous candidates – in a row eight. Numerous fans of the casting show had therefore already criticized that the concept was unfair. But why did the new up-and-coming models come to the set so late? Now Heidi Klum (49) finally explained why the followers only joined the rest of the cast so late!

“I probably decided a little bit too late for these candidates because this casting process took an incredibly long time.”stressed Heidi in the current GNTM episode. In addition, there were problems with the visa for the six latecomers. “It takes an incredibly long time until this stamp comes on it at the office and you can finally come to me in America – and then came the quarantine et cetera…” the model mom explained the situation.

But during Heidis protégés in Los Angeles had already mastered numerous challenges, the six followers were not just lazy! The experts Thomas Hayo and Nikeata Thompson (42) had given the new participants Ina, Nicole, Marielena, Meike, Zuzel and Charlene a crash course in modeling as part of a boot camp in Germany.