Did she take on too much? Pop singer Helene Fischer (38) had planned a big tour. This should have started today, March 21, as scheduled. But then the shock: a few days before the opening show, the native Russian injured herself during rehearsals and broke a rib. Therefore, the first concerts will be postponed. Already on April 11 wants Helene but stand on stage and not only sing, but also inspire with their acrobatic stage show. But is that even possible?

How Picture reports, a sports doctor informed himself about the situation. He emphasizes: “It takes about four to six weeks for the bone to be solid again.” Helenes new tour start is in about three weeks. If the “Breathless” interpreter only performed her songs without her blatant stunts, that wouldn’t be a problem. However, the blonde has been rehearsing with the artists from the Canadian company Cirque du Soleil for months.

A rib fracture is very painful, the doctor explains, which is why many painkillers are administered. “It is very important that the patient can breathe properly. […] Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves how well they feel, whether the pain is bearable and how well they can breathe.”, it goes on to say. Would you Helenes Want to see a concert without a stage show? Vote below!

Source: celebtap.com