Nothing stands in the way of Helene Fischer’s (38) tour! During the rehearsals for her big “Rausch” tour, the famous pop singer suffered a rib fracture – so the long-awaited start of the tour had to be postponed to mid-April. In the meantime, however, the musician has given her fans the all-clear and her concerts can now take place according to the new plan. Helene should even get very special support on stage!

How Picture wants to have experienced, not only the “Breathless” interpreter will offer acrobatic interludes and float through the air during her opening concert in Hamburg. She is supposed to be supported by her partner, the acrobat Thomas Seitel! The parents of daughter Nala last appeared together in 2018.

With the good news that their tour can now take place, surprised Helene their fans up Instagram. “April brings new energies with it. We’ll see each other in a few days because I got the green light from the doctor. I’m so happy!”she reported happily.