Francesca Guidato wants clarity! A few days ago, shocking news made the rounds: the actor Helmut Berger (✝78) died at the age of 78. According to her manager, the acting legend passed away peacefully, but surprisingly. Helmut had suffered from various illnesses, but the exact circumstances are not known. However, one seems to doubt the circumstances of death: Helmut’s hitherto unknown wife Francesca!

Were almost 30 years long Helmut and the Italian filmmaker married. Although the relationship between the two wasn’t meant to last forever, they settled Helmut and Francesca never divorced. Now the 64-year-old is hoping for certainty. “I am shocked by the tragic news of his death. But too many things do not add up and the cause of death is not clear,” Francesca told the news agency Adnkronos and also added: “I will call on the Austrian judicial authorities by all means to clarify the true cause of death, the circumstances and the way he has been living for the past few months.”

“He was surrounded by people I didn’t like […]. I sensed a circle of people around him who were out of order. I think they treated him badly”she also explained. Helmut’s Management denied the allegations Picture back: “Helmut had a very friendly and caring environment. Friends visited him almost every day and were concerned about his well-being.”