Henrik Stoltenberg apparently distances himself from the TV world. The reality star had recently made headlines: he had been convicted of hate speech and right-wing extremist statements. Various celebrities and RTL then distanced themselves from him and the former Temptation Island VIP candidate withdrew from the public for the time being. Earlier this month, he got back in touch and said he’d cleaned up his life. Apparently he also sorted out some acquaintances in the course of this.

The 26-year-old was in his Instagram-Story asked if he was still in contact with people from the reality TV cosmos. “Thank goodness only for one or two real ones!” replied Henrik and added: “Unfortunately, in this industry, 90 percent is fake! I’ve never been so liberated as being away from everyone! The interaction in between was underground!” The ex-Love Island candidate also stated: “And it’s a gradual process in which many get stuck.”

As part of his lifestyle, the trash star also gave up alcohol. “I’ve been off alcohol for two months now. It’s a completely different attitude to life, it’s absolutely crazy.” Henrik was happy and added: “This conscious life is just very, very beautiful.”

Source: celebtap.com