Henry Rollins Bio, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Is He Gay?

Henry Rollins Bio, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Is He Gay?

9Music fans who still like to listen to melodies from times gone by that should be heard a second time surely know the legendary artist Henry Rollins, whose first contact with fame came with his role as the lead singer of Rollins Band and the Black Flag, which shaped the taste of the 1980s and 90s.

The multi-talented entertainer, whose profession encompasses various fields such as journalism, acting, singing, comedy, writing, motivational training, radio presentation, and much more, has been in the business from 1980 until today. His genres, which include alternative metal, hardcore punk, spoken word, and comedy, have been explored through the practice of his multi-faceted professional life.

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Henry Collins was born in Washington DC on February 13, 1961, and joined the punk band Black Flag in his early teens. After leaving the band in 1986, he had some success as a spoken word artist and formed his Rollins Band, which toured extensively between 1987 and 2003 and again in 2006. The profession of an actor was added to the singer’s CV when he started to perform in several movies and TV drama series. The Henry Rollins Show, which ran between 2006 and 2007, was his own television program. This multi-talented entertainer has written several books and audiobooks that are quite popular with fans.

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Wife or Girlfriend; Is Henry Rollins Married or Gay?

According to sources, Henry Rollins expressed his dissatisfaction with homosexual magazines that repeatedly interviewed him with the conviction that he must be gay; according to him, there is no one in the world who is so obviously not gay as he is. It is also said that the former Black Flag frontman did not have a romantic relationship with the opposite sex and has, therefore, remained childless to this day.

Henry for his part sees himself as a loner, who has no desire for a wife or even a few children. He simply prefers his own company and feels comfortable doing things on his own, but that doesn’t mean that the former punk legend doesn’t like people. In fact, he really connects with people when and if he decides to make social contacts, but most of the time he goes alone.

Despite his repeated statements that he is a loner, there are sources that have dug up what they called “Henry Rollins’ past relationships”. Rumor has it that the legendary artist had a relationship in 1990 with Lydia Lunch, a co-star he met on the set of the film entitled Kiss Napoleon Goodbye. The rumors were fuelled even further when the duo got unusually close during the shooting and really shared some hot scenes on the set. The fact that they never appeared together in public, however, prompted the press to describe their alleged relationship as a mere rumor.

Henry’s next alleged romantic involvement was with Kari Wuhrer, who is quite well known in the dating department with her long list of former lovers. It is assumed that the two met at a film event in 1999 and their relationship ended after a short time.

The one that made big headlines was Henry’s romance with Sophie Dee, a Canadian star. The two supposedly got along well in 2001 and separated in the same year after a few months. Janeane Garofalo, a stand-up comedienne, and famous activist was supposedly his last love, whom he met in 2007, and this time the relationship lasted 12 months before ending in 2008. Despite all the alleged romantic entanglements, the superstar was never in a marriage, and consequently, divorce was never an issue for him.

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Whether the musical legend was with the opposite sex, is in fact a loner or gay is not yet clear, but recently he revealed how he was subjected to sexual abuse by his mother’s drunk boyfriend when he was seven years old. According to him, his mother sent her perverted boyfriend to punish him for a few wrongs, but the man had only molested him.

On the issue of same-sex marriage, the celebrated singer and actor fully support gay relationships. In his opinion, a man should be allowed to marry his fellow men if he so wishes. The homosexual rights advocate said his country, Australia, should quickly pass the Gay Rights Act or continue to be repudiated by other liberal-minded nations.

Height – How Tall Is He?

The entertainment giant has an athletic body and stands 9 inches at a height of 1.5 meters. Although it is obvious that he has grey hair and light brown eyes, the details of his body measurements are not known.

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