A big day for Alana Thompson aka Honey Boo Boo (17) and her mom June Shannon (43)! For years, their fans have been able to follow the life of the reality TV stars – including insights into their family dramas and one or the other attempt to lose weight. The rascals have also often come into conflict with the law. But now had Honey Boo Boo every reason to smile: she celebrated her high school prom!

On Tuesday, the photographers were given a sweet show in front of the reality TV stars’ house: the 17-year-old was picked up by her boyfriend along with the impressive horse-drawn carriage! Honey Boo Boo completed the princess theme with her look: She wore a pink ball gown with lots of rhinestones in a mermaid cut. Half of her hair was styled in a high ponytail, the rest falling in soft waves over her shoulders. She proudly posed with her sweetheart and mom June and her husband Justin Stroud.

Also June proudly posted some photos from her princess’ prom. Under the pictures of her almost grown daughter, the 43-year-old joked: “My God, now I feel really old.” how do you like Honey Boo Boos A dress? Vote!

Source: celebtap.com