Denise Welch is worried about her son Matt Healy (34)! The singer recently made headlines when he was photographed on a date with Taylor Swift (33). While the hottie hardly ever leaves Taylor’s side, he’s also touring with his band in 1975. All of this seems to be slowly getting over the singer’s head! Denise now gave a worrying health update about her son.

“People don’t realize that being the lead singer, creator, writer and producer of a massive show of the scale that Matthew is doing is exhausting,” the 65-year-old explained The Sun. Although he has a wonderful life, she added with obvious concern: “He’s absolutely exhausted and shattered and ready for a break.”

In the meantime, rumors of love about the musician and Taylor continue to solidify. An insider has now revealed The Sun: “Everything happens very quickly. They are head over heels in love with each other. It was decided that he would help her write songs and maybe even do the vocals.”