It’s not good for the old lady who was hit by Sophie Wessex’s (58) escort team. Last Thursday it became known that a police motorcycle, which had been protecting Prince Edward’s wife (59), had hit an 81-year-old woman. She was thrown 12 meters and suffered life-threatening injuries. Apparently it is still very bad for the injured.

BBC reports that Helen Holland, as the lady is called, is in a coma. Her son and daughter-in-law Martin and Lisa-Marie Holland said they were “shocked and devastated by their serious injuries.” The relatives added: “She is being well cared for by the National Health Service, who we thank very much for helping to keep her alive.” They also demand a thorough explanation of the circumstances of the accident.

Shortly after the bad incident became known, Buckingham Palace had the Duchess of Edinburgh announce: “The Duchess’ thoughts and prayers are with the injured lady and her family. She is grateful for the quick response from the emergency services and will keep abreast of developments.”