Ina Aogo (34) still takes hate comments to heart. She has been active online for years: the wife of former soccer star Dennis Aogo regularly takes her now 182,000 followers with her through her everyday family life with two kids in Dubai. But of course her lifestyle doesn’t just have fans – the influencer also has to deal with numerous negative comments. And they go Ina sometimes very close….

“I usually try to hide really nasty comments and not let them get too close to me,” explains Ina Picture. Sometimes she turns off her cell phone and focuses on her family – but this trick doesn’t always work. “Of course there are always comments that hit me. I […] I’ve gotten a thick skin over time. But if I’m caught on a bad day, I’ll shed a tear.”the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant honestly admits.

The worst for network awareness are comments directed against her two children, Payten and Princeton. “After my son was born, there were comments from outsiders who said he had Down syndrome. This really hit my mother’s heart and I felt like these people wanted to hurt me at the expense of my child.”she reports. Ina try to confront the haters with their own statements to hold the mirror up to them.