Ali Güngörmüs (46) gives a glimpse into his inner life. The star chef is currently delighting Let’s Dance fans: alongside Sharon Battiste (31), Knossi (36) and Co., he’s also dancing this year’s season. The TV popularity not only inspires with her tact, but also with her always good mood. Currently it could be for Ali so don’t run better. However, it didn’t always look like this: How much Ali fought for his success, he revealed now.

in one RTLinterview, the 46-year-old looked back on his past – and revealed how difficult it was for him to come from Turkey to Germany as a ten-year-old: “I didn’t speak a word of German at the time, my mother was illiterate and my father only went to elementary school.” That Ali had hardly any help during his school days, apparently shapes him to this day: “Maybe my ambition comes a bit from back then. I was always driven not to be satisfied with the normal. I always wanted more!”

The fact that he was not satisfied with his past “Let’s Dance” training nagged a lot Ali: “The week was incredibly difficult for me to even get a dance together. […] I always do my best, but I was about to stop, to quit.” Ultimately, his dance partner was partly responsible for his return to motivation, as he opposite celebrity flash revealed: “Christina (33) does the carrot and the stick. She’s very ambitious, I really appreciate that about her.”