She’s tired of the silence! Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley (✝42) were probably the most legendary couple Hollywood had to offer in the past century. The love story between the two is well known, but the former love of the deceased music icon has rarely spoken in detail about their partnership over the decades. However, the actress is now on a live podcast in the UK, and: Priscilla is more open than ever about their relationship elvis!

As part of their “An Evening with Priscilla Presley”series describes the 77-year-old: “Initially, the relationship was between me and elvis not sexually, and he told me about his fear of not having a career anymore.” In addition, the two probably talked about the death of relatively early in their partnership elvis‘ Mother and how this stroke of fate shaped him. “Over the years my love grew elvis steady. But at first I didn’t tell anyone that I saw him,” continues the American.

It is said that it is very surprising that Priscilla can talk so openly about her past at the moment. After all, the film actress only lost her beloved daughter Lisa Marie (✝54) a few months ago, and one could well imagine that she needs time to mourn after this stroke of fate. Other voices, however, believe that distraction is just what Riley Keough’s (33) grandmother needs right now.